The difference between vertical slow juicer and horizontal slow juicer

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 spread all over the world, all of us are fighting against this, a lot of people are stuck at home, resturants are closed, cooking is the most important thing for us in the special period.

If we would like to drink a cup of juice, 80% people would buy from the juice shop, but it seems that it is impossible now. Actually, juicer could help us to prepare a cup of fresh juice every day, it is easy. Today i would like to tell the differnce between a horizontal juicer and vertical juicer, hope this could help you to choose a suitable one for you.

This article will show you the juicing rate between both juice extractor, the advantage and disadvantage of these 2 slow juicer.

Below is the difference between both items.

Here is the advantage and disadvantage of the cold press juicers.

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