SFD-801 Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator Machine - 1.Electronic Display 2.Time/Temp setting 3.Drying meat beef jerky, fruit slices, sweet potato and vegetables, or any other dried food snack 4.6 layers BPA free plastic tray

Name: SFD Food Dehytrator
Model: SFD-801
Voltage: 100-240V,50/60Hz
Powerful DC motor: 450-500W
RPM: /
Material: Food grade plastic,BPA free
Color: On request

  • The Sorfnel SFD801 Dehydrator with 6 layers BPA Free plastic tray, so you can create different types of dehydrated foods in one convenient batch at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried foods. Makes for a great healthy snack and ideal for people with allergies as there are no preservatives!

  • Hot air circulation drying system, and 450-500W Food Dehydrator has a built in innovated design that maximizes airflow that results in an even drying without overheating ensuring the perfect dried food.
  • Digital touch panel, temperatures preset settings ranging from 104º F to 167º F, provides accurate drying times and temperatures to make it super easy for you to start creating delicious dried fruit, herbs,meat or yogurt!
  • Easy to monitor,the process of drying can be observed without opening the door, designed with a clear door that allows you to monitor the progress of drying meat beef jerky, fruit slices, sweet potato and vegetables, or any other dried food snack.
  • Easy to clean and operation.
  • The default working time of the product is 12 hours and the default temperature is 50℃. According to different food and personal taste and other requirements for drying food, press “+” or “-” button to adjust time/temp.
  • Optimal airflow for even drying of food without overheating. Transparent viewing window allows you to keep an eye on your food during the dehydrating process.
  • The Sorfnel dehydrator allows you to naturally preserve and extend the life of your food and save money by buying fresh foods and making healthy dehydrated snacks at home that you can store for longer periods of time.



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