Best Juicer Type

 If you’re looking for a quality juicer with a reasonable price, you may take a look on our Sorfnel SJE 003 Masticating Juicer .


78mm Wide Mouth Design

You could put the whole fruit on juicing without cutting . It is enough for squeezing most of the fruits and vegetables .


45 Rpm Slow Masticating

Sorfnel SJE 003 Masticating juicer works in slow speed 45rpm per minute ,

That means it creates less foaming and remain more nutrition , enzymes , vitamins , and minerals .



Tritan Auger

It placed horizontally in Sorfnel SJE003 juicer , produce a higher quality juice , as the fruits and vegetables never get warm , so you’ll never get a cooked or oxidized flavor .


60 Low Decibel

Sorfnel Masticating juicer is roughly 60 db when woking , you will enjoy the quiet environment when juicing .


You’ll be pretty safe choosing any juicer on our list, SJE003 is recommended for an affordable ,durable slow juicer for you . If you want to pick it from us ,pls visit our site : .