Slow juicer Whole Slow Juicer Innovation Slow Juicer


  • Name: Whole Slow Juicer
    Model: SJE-003
    Voltage: 100-240V,50/60HZ
    Powerful and efficient motor: 200W
    RPM: 40-65/min
    Material: BAP-FREE, impact-resistant ABS plastic body
    Color: Red/Black/Customized
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  • Specification

1, Wide feeding tube (diameter: 78mm)

2, Long continuous working time (20mins)

3, Inner spinning brush rotates during juicing clean chamber and strainer, reduce clogging

4, Slow speed screw type squeezing out every drop for maximum juice yield

5, Rotate a speed of 40-65 revolutions per minute , mimicking the motion of hand -

squeezing juice

6, Heavy-duty tritan strainer and auger are 8 times stronger than traditional plastics

7, Work well on fruits, cruciferous vegetables (special for the high fiber vegetables

Juices, milk, and more.

8, Packing details: N.W: 4.5kg

                    G.W: 5.5kg


                    20GP: 462pcs  40GP:978PCS  40HQ: 1170PCS